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ASUS rog strix G17 won't wake up from sleep mode.

Level 8

I have been using my Asus Rog Strix G17 computer for about a month. My computer does not go into sleep mode and does not wake up when it does. It does not wake up even though I click the power button, keyboard and mouse. I keep getting karnel power 41 error in the event log. Please help me. Otherwise I'll go crazy. 



I have gpu set to ultimate on Armoury Crate and yes G Sync is enabled in Nvidia

Customer Service Agent

Thank you for your reply. Could you please try disabling G-Sync and see if the issue improves? Thank you.


I turned of sleep mode so well it kinda solved the problem but i'm noticing some black squares or pixels when watching videos pls can you help me? I do not know why, this does not be captured by screen shots but If I screen record it can be captured but not very clearly 

Level 12

Some SSDs can't wake up from sleep mode. It's worth checking out.

Level 12

It's a Microsoft issue many people turn off the sleep mode because it's been a real pain in the a**.


Level 9

Disabling fast startup seems to have resolved the unable to wake issue for me.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @LaptopIssues ,

Thank you for your reply. I would like to confirm if the flickering issue has been resolved at this time. 

If the problem persists, could you please provide details regarding the situations in which it occurs? For example, does it happen while using specific software or after the system is in standby or wakes up from standby? If possible, could you also assist us in confirming your Windows Build Version (Settings - System - About)? Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @ajna ,

Due to the mixture of various issues in this discussion, to avoid providing inaccurate information, please confirm the specific scenario of the issue you are experiencing:

  • Regarding the sleep/wake issue: Please confirm if the GPU is set to Ultimate mode in Armoury Crate and G-SYNC is enabled in Nvidia. Please try disabling G-SYNC and test if the sleep/wake problem improves. We will address this issue through driver updates.
  • Regarding the random reboots issue: Please try disabling fast startup to see if the problem can be resolved. We are actively analyzing this and aim to release a complete solution as soon as possible.
  • Regarding the flickering issue: Some users have resolved the flickering problem by disabling "Core Isolation" in Windows Security options. We are analyzing this and hope to release a complete solution soon.

Please test these measures as short-term solutions. If your problem persists, please describe the scenarios in which the issue occurs as much as possible. Also, provide your BIOS and driver versions to help us better understand your problem. Thank you.

thank you so much! it worked. you are amazing! I´m so happy. 

Level 7

Asus Rog Strix here, I have the exact same problem. 
Any working solution yet?