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Asus rog strix g15 (GL504GM-WH71)

Level 7

Hi everyone, so my laptop has been having issues since this summer that originally started on certain games like BF1 and Battlefront and then is now doing it on fortnite. Im getting regular lets say every 10-15 seconds frame drops down to 10fps. 

Ive tried everything i can think of, like updating absolutely everything including bios, cleaning the pc for malwares, viruses, defragging my ssd and hdd, fresh reinstall of windows by keeping my files,  i have kindof checked my cpu temps but doesnt seem to get overly hot, my drives arent too full either with 60-70 per cent of my hdd being used and windows running on my ssd which is 40 per cent full.

I Have 16 gb ram, nvidia gtx1060 and an i7-8750. 240gb ssd and a 1 terra bite hdd.

would love some suggestions on what i should do, i got my pc 5 years ago exactly and has never had problems running games until now. is it getting too old ? 

Should i factory reset ? any other suggestions ? 




Customer Service Agent

Hi @thoSOMISTER69 ,

I would like to confirm if your BIOS has been updated to the latest version 314 and if you are using the nVidia display driver version V25.21.14.2546, which has been verified by ASUS. 

Please refer to the instructions provided in this link to adjust game settings and see if it improves the smoothness of gameplay. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know. Thank you.