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ASUS ROG G751jy screen issue

Level 7

First and foremost hello to everyone reading this post .Excuse me for my bad english and any grammatical mistakes. I have rog g751jy gaming notebook that has served my well over these 3 months without any major problems (one of them being that ac 7260 dual band wifi adapter). Everything was working fine until last week when, while playing a game (war thunder) my upper screen had started to flicker and my screen turned off then on and again off and after that there was 5 seconds of stuttering and everything got back to normal. My concern is could it be that GPU is failling? I am not very tech savy but non of gpu failure symptops are accuring, l see no graphical artifacts,no blue screen,in device manager it says "this device is working properly" etc. I ran heaven benchmark 4.0 and no crashes accured. Was also playing resident evil 3 remake and gpu temp was 74 degrees-80 at most intensive sceens. I am writing this to see if someone has the same problem and did it happen again. This happend to me once and never again. Did anyone experience this and did you solve it? Was is Gpu related, loose cables etc. I am hoping it is not the gpu but you never know.(bellow is my benchmark result).Thanks for any help in advance!

My system specs:

win 10 Build 19045

CPU:i7-4750hq 2.0Ghz

GPU: gtx980m 4gb


Storage:256gb SSD + 1TB HDD2023-02-17.png


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Stefan369 ,

I would like to confirm if the screen flickering or lagging issue only occurs when playing specific games.
Does this problem happen frequently?
If it only happens once, we recommend you continue monitoring the situation and make sure your graphics card driver is up to date.
If the issue only happens with a specific game, we would recommend removing the game and reinstalling it to see if that resolves the problem.

Please feel free to reply and let us know when you have any further questions. Thank you.🙂

Thank you Anbby for reply. It only happend once while l was in game and after that it didnt happen no matter how demanding a game l play. I will continue to monitor situation and l will let you know if anything changes. Cheers!