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Asus Rog g16 4060 My CPU always 95-96 Degrees in games

Level 7

(Asus Rog Strix G16 (2023) rtx 4060, i7 13650hx, 16gb Ram) Hello , I have been using this laptop for 4 months and i overall,i was happy with these temperatures (e.g god of war very high settings 72GPU 84CPU in turbo mode ), but in the last few weeks ı noticed that my processor runs at high temperatures in some games . At first i thought it was only these games (plate up ,deep rock galactic,cs2) but it wasn't , the processor generally started to run at high temperatures in all games . I was disturbed by the situation and sent it to the service . At the service, they said there was no hardware problem but a software problem and they sent it back. All they did was updating it . And that didn't solve the problem .

in BIOSin BIOSimage2.pngCs 2 in game(2 minutes)Cs 2 in game(2 minutes)İn god of warİn god of war


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Deniz1 ,

Have you updated your BIOS version to the latest version 325 and tested with the ASUS-certified NVIDIA display driver version V31.0.15.4624 and Intel Graphic driver Version V31.0.101.4502? Have you experienced any stuttering issues during gaming?

If the issue persists, please download Hwinfo and record logs starting from before the game launches until 10 minutes after the game ends. Please provide the following information via private message, and I will provide feedback to the relevant team for further investigation. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • SN:
  • Windows Build Version (Settings > System > About):
  • Are there any external monitors or other devices connected?
  • Have you added or replaced SSD/RAM?
  • GPU and fan settings in Armoury Crate when recording Hwinfo log:
  • Armoury Crate > Settings > About > Service Version > Check Button (Copy all content):