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Asus Rog Flow x16 Armory Crate "Ultimate" GPU mode gradients banding issue

Level 8

ROG Flow x16
RTX 3060
Default laptop monitor (not the mini-LED one)
Win 11

On my x16 if I turn on the "Ultimate" GPU mode (and restart the pc) I see color gradients banding.

If I turn back to any of the other GPU modes, the gradients banding fx goes away.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @notsure_123 ,

I would like to confirm some relevant information with you in order to further diagnose the issue you are currently experiencing.

Could you please let me know the current version of your dGPU driver? Have you tried updating your dGPU driver to the latest version provided by the official website for testing purposes?

Additionally, I would like to confirm the current version of Armory Crate. Have you updated it to the latest version?

Could you please provide a video or photo regarding the issue of color gradients banding for us to investigate? Thank you.

Level 8

Armory Crate is latest version

dGPU is GeForce RTX 3060 laptoplatest drivers version 535.98

simple example of the banding fx (see right side), everywhere there's a gradient is like that, linear gradients, radial gradients, etc.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 101254.png

EDIT: actually not everywhere , like this forum background is fine, also a logo with blue gradient I have on a site is also fine, but is not related to the browser because another website has gradient banding, weird

Customer Service Agent

Hi @notsure_123 ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you

Level 7

Hello, I have the same problem. How did you fix it? Tuf Dash FX517ZE i5 12450H 3051 Ti. Drivers and Armory Create are latest version

After one month the Asus team with the above person as a representative replied to me that they investigated and tested and concluded it's normal, it's how is supposed to be.

So I guess all Asus products have gradient banding, and they're ok with it.

what kind of BS is that , i recently got this problem , it wasn't like this before so how the hell they say that it's normal 
all dark colors looks oily and ugly , it's impossible to watch a movie or anything 

Level 7

MY GOD. Thank you I'll try to find a solution, but I am not sure of success. Have a nice day.

Level 9

Asus System Controller Interface is the problem

reverting to an older version fixed it , you must install some version or it will come back here's what i did :
first download an older version of (Asus System Controller Interface) from myasus for me i got 3.1.13
then from task manager - startup apps disable asussmartdisplaycontrol and kill any process running of it (the gift icon)
then go to device manager - system devices -Asus System Controller Interface v3 - right click properties -driver - disable device then uninstall (make sure to check attempt to remove the driver ) refresh by scan for hardware changes you should see an unknown device
then run the setup for the older version and reboot (if you get a message that you have the latest version it means that you didn't uninstall correctly so try again following the steps in the same order i mentioned)
DON'T OPEN MYASUS EVER or it will auto update Asus System Controller Interface and problem will be back so if you need to do any changes in myasus do it before reverting

Plz tell me how to download older version of system control interface from myasus?