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Asus ROG Flow x13 GV302X stops responding while playing Netflix

Level 8

Hi All, 

This problem was reported in other thread, with only one  partially working advice to 'disable hardware acceleration in the browser'. Well it is working if you use the browser all right. The Windows Netflix app still result in a freeze-crash. Has any1 had any other working solutions? This was also described as ATI driver issue - maybe some other non-Asus_blessed version works better? [2023 iGpu model]



Customer Service Agent

Hi @terki ,

Have you updated the BIOS to the latest version 311 and tested with the ASUS-certified AMD display driver version V31.0.14003.25002

If the issue persists, could you please let us know if any error messages appear during the Netflix freeze-crash? Is the system still operable? 

Additionally, could you share the GPU settings and operational configurations in Armoury Crate with us? This will help us further investigate the issue. Thank you.


yes - I have the latest driver version V31.0.14003.25002 and the latest bios 311

the system hard freezes with no error message, and it responds only to power button reset, my GPU settings are on balanced - and it is iGPU model.


Customer Service Agent

Thank you for your reply. I'd like to confirm if you are using an external monitor.
Please try adjusting the iGPU memory in AMD Adrenalin to a higher setting, and also set the memory optimizer for game testing.
Additionally, please disable any options related to graphics or hardware acceleration in the Netflix app settings, and test to see if the issue improves. Thank you.

Hi, there! Facing the same issue with Netflix Windows App FlowX13 GV302XU, i even tried System reset, Clean OS installation of Win 11 and still the issue Reappears. I have Nvidia version and AMD Display driver version 31.0.14080.10. BIOS is updated to 311. Please help. Any workaround is deeply appreciated.

An Update on this, i rolled back the drivers for AMD till it showed up as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and checked Netflix App from Windows Store and it works like a charm! I guess issue is really with the ATI driver version

Level 8

Please provide a fix for this with a new update for the AMD Display driver, this is clearly unacceptable from a system like this

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Anto7 ,

I'd like to confirm which version of the AMD driver you're currently using. 
Additionally, have you tried using the Asus-certified AMD driver version V31.0.14003.25002? Also, have you adjusted the GPU memory settings to higher levels in AMD Adrenalin and set the memory optimizer for game testing? Could you please see if these changes improve the situation? Thank you.

Hello, thank you for responding. My current version now shows 31.0.24027.1012 i think updated today. Previously it ws on 31.0.14080.10 and was having issues. The same issue happens on the ASUS certified AMD driver version V31.0.14003.25002. I have adjusted the memory optimizer to gaming and yes at the moment it is working fine on the Netflix Windows App but the task manager and AMD Adrenaline shows GPU temperature running at 60c to 63c, is this normal and acceptable for just running Netflix Windows App?

Update - Netflix Windows App crashes when memory optimizer for gaming is Off on the new version 31.0.24027.1012 …