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ASUS ROG 15G G513QY VBIOS Upgrade Utility

Level 7

Hello !

Some days ago i figured out that Asus has a "Hotfix"  for the G513QY Advantage Editions, the 6800M VBIOS Upgrade

So I gave it a try. But from all I can see right now the Setup "bricked" my 6800M dGPU. I cant say the installation went wrong, my power supply was plugged in and the Notebook restarted as prompted. But when accessing Windows again, the AMD Driver had a Problem and shutdown. 

The Windows Device Manager says the 6800M has Status: Code 43, the Device has been stopped. 

Before installing I saved the original VBIOS .rom to my local SSD via GPU-Z. But actually I didnt have a clue what to do in case i needed it.... . Well, I have it and I migh need it now.

Right now, GPU-Z shows the BIOS Version of the 6800M as "unknown".

Has anyone tried that hotfix and ran into the same problem?

Or does anyone here has an idea how to reset the VBIOS ? 


Many thanks!




Customer Service Agent

Hi @MrWitti ,

May I kindly ask if you have reinstalled the driver to test?
Additionally, could you please confirm if the dGPU setting has been enabled?
If you have attempted the aforementioned solutions, please PM me with the error screen and serial number.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Level 7

Solution: Needs to be fixed by the Asus Repair Center