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ASUS M16 GU604VI Sound Stutters

Level 7

I've been having issue sound on my laptop. When play game or videos that involve sound.  My sound would either freeze or stutters, "BrrRRT" like sound. Game seems to be running fine, it's only sound that does it.  This happens on both the laptop speaker, monitor speaker, and my Arctis Nova Pro wireless gaming headset.  I have tried reinstalling drivers, disable drivers etc.. Nothing works so far. 

Does anyone have the same issue, and have found a solution for it? 

WIndows 11 Pro
64GB of Kingston Fury Impact, DDR5
2/4TB Samsung 990Pro
RTX4070  - Driver: 555.85




Customer Service Agent

Hi @Spoone123 ,

You mentioned that the sound stutters when playing videos involving audio. Does this issue occur when simply playing music? Have you tried performing a cloud reset to see if it improves the situation?
To further investigate your problem, could you record a video of the issue and provide the following information via private message? We will assist you in identifying the problem. Thank you.


Serial number:
BIOS version:
Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)
Audio driver version:
Dolby Atmos driver version:
Games and software where the issue occurs:
Are you using an external dock or hub:
Using WiFi or Ethernet:


I think I found the solution. There are 2 problems.

  1. First problem - Nvidia Driver 555.99 was causing a lot of stutters for games, especially G-Synch compatible monitor. I rolled back to 555.85 and did the following. 
    1. Delete all resolutions that you don't need by using SRE and CRU apps.  This get rid of screen stutters. 
    2. Make sure the following setting are on in Nvidia Control Panel
         Power Management mode - Prefer maximum performance
         Low Latency mode - Ultra
         Max Frame Rate - 165 FPS (my monitor is 165Hz) 
         Preferred Refresh - Highest possible
         Tripple Buffering - On
         Vertical Sync - Fast
  2. Sound Sutter problem - I'm using Artis Nova Pro wireless headphones. 
    Due to router sitting by my computer, there is an interference with the 2.4Ghz signal and the headphones. I changed the 2.4Ghz channel to 1 (from 7), enable all MU-MIMO for all wireless channels.  This resolves wireless interference so far... 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Spoone123 ,

Thank you for the update. If there is any other assistance needed in the future, please feel free to let us know.