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Asus M16 2021 - Various questions and problems

Level 8

Good morning,

I own an Asus Zephyrus M16 GU603HR from 2021. I have had several problems with this computer from bluescreens, to the disk not working as a speaker also stops working. Situations resolved in several RMA processes.

These situations have been reported in this conversation, to which I have so far received no response from Asus: 


At the moment and since the computer has broken down a number of times, resulting in several RMA repairs, I am concerned about a BIOS version that was released at the beginning of August 2023, namely version 317. This version has damaged several M16 computers, according to what is being reported by several owners of this computer.

For more details and so as not to be repetitive, check out this link: 


Honestly, I'd like to see a response and concrete action from ASUS in the face of this situation, (such as removing this BIOS version from the update servers or any other action they think is more appropriate), because basically this situation is only breaking consumer confidence and worse, it's "burning" the ASUS brand, because a number of users have already had their computers break down.






Customer Service Agent

Hi @port_asus ,

Thank you for reporting the issue regarding the BIOS update. I have carefully reviewed each Reddit link you provided and noticed that three individuals raised this problem in different discussions. Since we are unable to verify their specific information, I will conduct further internal investigation into this matter.

Regarding the repair issue, would you be able to provide your serial number for me to conduct additional inquiries and confirm? Thank you.