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Asus gl503vm laptop won't boot (or boots slowly)

Level 7

Almost a year ago I upgraded my ram. It was impossible to get an identical (Samsung) memory module in my country as the one built in the laptop. I opted for a HyperX one (8gb Samsung + 16g HyperX) .

The laptop was working well for half a year  after I formated and reinstalled windows. Now it boots slowly it takes up to 15-30 mins. I've provided a link to a video of it trying to boot. It just stays in the pre Rog screen.


Level 12

To diagnose this problem, you can remove the new memory module and then check the computer.

Level 7

Hi!. Sorry, I failed to mention. I did remove the new module and it booted normally. My two questions are:
i) Why did it work fine for half a year then suddenly start booting slowly?
ii) Is there anyway to make it work normally like previously?

Level 12

You can see that the new module doesn't work well with Windows, but if the previous installation of the system worked after adding a new module, you can implement that scenario on an ad hoc basis.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Katerism ,

According to your description, the issue may arise from the memory or memory slots. 
Have you tried swapping the two memory modules between slots or testing the 16GB memory individually in the 8GB memory slot? This can help identify whether the problem lies with the memory or the slot. The information provided is for your reference.