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ASUS G733PZ USB-C not working properly

Level 7

Hello everybody

I got the ASUS G733PZ Notebook. Since I had some troubles with the rear USB-C ports not recognizing devices like Smartphones or external NVMe drives I installed the ASMedia USB3.2 Firmware update tool which I've found in the download section for that notebook model. Unfortunatly it made it all worse. The best case my external NVMe drive will be recognized but running only at USB 2.0 speed. 

And after the Update I had to install an USB 4 driver so devices would be even recognized. 

What can I do to get it to work properly? How can I for example reflash to an older version or the factory default version?

I found several firmware and drivers on But none of these really works. 

Help would be appreciated. ASUS Support didn't even bother to respond to my support e-mail. 

I'm on Windows 10 btw.





Customer Service Agent

Hi @s-master ,

Due to G733PZ only providing driver support for Windows 11, there may be compatibility issues in Windows 10 that prevent certain functionalities from working. Have you tried installing Windows 11 to see if it improves the situation? Thank you.