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Asus g712 laptop feel in water

Level 7

my laptop was off and fell into water. I took it apart used achol to clean it waited a week .getting power at power jack. Need to know where to test with meter next



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Da_damage ,

To prevent sudden any malfunction potentially caused by oxidation and corrosion, it is recommended that you contact the local customer service center and arrange for inspection and repair. 
Please refer to the following website for customer service contact information,thank you*


Hi Da_damage,


As Anbby already stated, you should have a professional repair service look at it. Moisture can get trapped in areas that aren't immediately visible. Obviously ASUS can handle it (and you'll have to pay unless you paid for accidental damage coverage) but if your notebook is out of its warranty period you can also look for local repair shops that do water damage service. 

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Level 7

I'm try and see what I can do can't break something btoken


@Da_damage wrote:

I'm try and see what I can do can't break something btoken

You can make it worse by powering it on while there's still water hidden away.  Water particularly likes to hide under BGA and other surface mount chips, if the system got a lot of water inside.  BGA chips are both generally the most expensive chips on the board and also tend to be the ones that are good at hiding water.  In the worst case, you can have something like a 12V power rail shorted to a 1V power rail on one of the power MOSFETs, which will let the magic smoke out of the expensive stuff on the 1V rail if you try to power it up.

See Louis Rossmann and Northridge Fix on YouTube if you want to learn about fixing water damaged boards.