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Asus G513IC keyboard stopped working

Level 7

The keyboard on my Asus G513IC laptop stopped working, installing a new keyboard did not fix the problem.
Uploading the new BIOS Version 329 did not fix the keyboard either.
In the device manager it is visible as PC/AT PS/2 extended keyboard (102/102 keys).
I found a similar problem to the G752VS model and the ASUS Keyboard Adjustment Tool.
Please help me how to solve this problem.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @kris-ark ,

I would like to confirm whether you have removed and reinstalled ASUS System Control Interface version V3.1.22.0 and the ROG Keyboard Firmware Update tool version V2.7.3.002 to test.
Please try removing all external devices while the laptop is powered off, perform an EC reset by pressing and holding the power button for 40 seconds, then reconnect the power and boot up for testing.
Additionally, can an external keyboard operate in the BIOS? If the external keyboard still doesn't work in the BIOS, it may indicate a hardware issue that requires further diagnostics. The above information is provided for your reference.

I did everything according to the instructions, I do not update the keyboard with this ROG Keyboard Firmware Update tool. The program starts but at the end it displays a message that it could not perform the update.
The external USB keyboard works in BIOS and under Windows.

I bought a second keyboard for this model, the second one is identical. So I rule out that the keyboard is damaged.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @kris-ark ,

Thank you for your reply. 
May I inquire if you performed any updates before the keyboard issue occurred? Is the built-in keyboard in the BIOS functioning correctly? If the built-in keyboard works well in the BIOS, we recommend trying a system reset to troubleshoot the issue. However, if the built-in keyboard still doesn't function in the BIOS, it may be related to a hardware anomaly. In that case, we suggest taking the product to a local service center for further diagnostics. Thank you.

Windows has updated the BIOS to version 329.
The built-in keyboard does not work in BIOS.

ROG Keyboard Firmware Update tool shows an update error.
I need a tool to update the N-Key Firmware Update program for this model. Where can I download something like this?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @kris-ark ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you


i am having exactly similar problem with G15 GA503RW. my bios is 313. can you pls provide me with keyboard firmware tool? the one on myasus keeps failing. [Initialize] GetASUSDevice fail . i have made a post here as well. pls help me. im losing my mind for past 10 days. a replacement keyboard is also not working. im am using external keyboard which works. 

Level 7

Hello, did your problem has been fixed? The keyboard on my ROG Zephyrus M16 stops responding in-game at times. The problem seems to be with Armoury Crate because when I uninstall it for several days the problem disappears. The thing is, Armoury Crate has its uses and you can't do without it for some things so you have to keep it installed. But playing with keyboard cuts is clearly hell!

Hello, no, the keyboard still doesn't work at all.
I ordered a new chip from China that is responsible for the operation of the keyboard, because I cannot program it or upload the update - there is a communication error.