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Asus G14 2022 freezes when gaming because of Windows driver update

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I got my laptop for over 2 months and it has been freezing frequently when playing any game on it (even the least demanding ones, like League of Legends). I've been trying to debug the cause for over a month and got to the conclusion that it's due to my graphic driver being updated to the most recent version.


What I did to solve the problem was to DDU and then install a previous version (22.5.1) of the AMD drivers ( because neither using the most recent version from the AMD website nor the Asus website was working. With the 22.5.1, it works perfectly, but then Windows decides to update the drivers automatically, as shown here: When this update happens, my laptop freezes for like 2 to 4 seconds and after a while it starts to freeze again in random occasions, so that specific update is definitely the cause.


I tried to disable automatic updates with every method in this link EXCEPT the using Group Policy Editor (it doesn't even show up):

Needless to say that they didn't work, as Windows keeps updating that specific driver and messing my laptop as a consequence.


How can I solve this problem for good?



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Squalexy ,

Apologize for the inconvenience caused . 
As the provided link was unsuccessful in opening, I would like to clarify some usage scenarios to better understand the issue you encountered.

Windows updates will be performed with the latest driver version available on the official website. If you are using an older version, it will continuously be detected for updates. Would you be willing to use the latest driver (V31.0.12024.2005) currently available on the official website? Please assist us in recording a frozen video and gathering the following information. I will then involve the relevant team to verify the problem and find a fundamental solution for the issue you are facing. Thank you for your cooperation.


Windows specifications:
BIOS version:
When playing games, did you enable discrete graphics output and set turbo mode in Armoury Crate for testing purposes?

I'm sorry, the link had a "." at the end, so it's actually

This is also related to the topic I already created, in which you also tried to help me: , so all the specifications and the video you asked me are in there. The video was recorded with the latest drivers (the exact version you mentioned, which I also gave in a reply).

I have absolutely no freezing issues when using the specific 22.5.1 driver version.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Squalexy ,

I apologize for not paying attention to our previous conversation. I'm glad you found a solution. 

Regarding the issue of preventing automatic updates, you can search for keywords like "How to prevent drivers from installing automatically on Windows 11" to find relevant information. Please be reminded that after disabling automatic updates, if you need to update drivers, you will have to manually download and install them.

Since we haven't found the same issue on the same model, there might still be a software/hardware or configuration problem. If you have any further concerns, I still recommend taking your laptop to a local repair center for further diagnostics. Thank you for your understanding.