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Asus G14 2022 freezes when connected to monitor

Level 8


I acquired this laptop 2 months ago and ever since day 1 it has been freezing randomly when playing games or watching content in full screen ONLY when connected to an external monitor. The game can be something as simple as League of legends. Sometimes it freezes for 2 to 4 seconds and comes back to normal, sometimes it completely freezes the system and I can't do anything besides using the power button.


It's very important to notice that it only happens when it's either in Duplicate, Extend or Show 2nd screen only modes. If I only use the screen of my laptop, the problem doesn't exist.


Here's the list of things that I did to try to solve the problem:


- DDU and re-install all the drivers from the ASUS website, while also disabling Windows updates on drivers

- DDU and re-install all the drivers from Adrenalin software

- reinstall Windows 11, deleting EVERY file and app

- do an in-place upgrade

- use different monitors

- use different cables (HDMI and DP)

- uninstall Armoury Crate and install G-helper

- used different modes (Silent, Performance and Turbo; happens in any of them)

- BIOS up to date

- put gpu mode to dgpu only

- perform a clean boot in Windows

- disable igpu

- use DISM.exe

- use sfc scannow


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Squalexy ,

I would like to verify some detailed information with you to further investigate your issue. 
Would it be possible for you to confirm your current BIOS version and the driver version for your dGPU?
Additionally, may I ask if you would be able to record a video demonstrating the occurrence of the freezing issue? Thank you.


dGPU version is 31.0.12024.2005

BIOS version is 318


As for recording the video, it's kinda hard to do it as it happens in random moments, but I'll give you an example of situation of what and when it happens: I have my laptop screen on (with several apps, such as discord, spotify, etc) and my monitor on, which is the one where I'm playing League. After, let's say, 10/15 minutes of a normal game, both the laptop and monitor screen completely freeze, I still hear some audio for about 2 minutes after which it will stop working. In some other games, such as Honkai Star Rail, only the monitor freezes but just for about 2 to 4 seconds and it happens in any random moment of the game (even when only checking the menu). Some days it just doesn't happen, but when it does, it's constant.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Squalexy ,

Thank you for providing detailed usage description. 
You mentioned that you have tested different screens and encountered the same issue. Could you kindly provide the brand and model of the screens you have tested?
Additionally, you mentioned that you have tried different cables for testing. I would like to confirm the type of connection you have tested (which port on the laptop you connected to). 
I will involve the relevant team to clarify the issue you are facing. If possible, please assist us by capturing a video of the problem. This will help expedite the analysis of the issue. Thank you for your cooperation.


Meanwhile two things happened:

- When I turned on my laptop (on battery), the screen was black and I couldn't do anything besides powering on again (it worked again after that).

- Apparently it has nothing to do with the monitors (curiously it's happening for the first time on my laptop screen only), because I did record some freeze without being connected to a monitor.

In any case, my other laptops (and friends') work perfectly with those monitors, but just for reference, those are AOC 24G2U/BK and MSI Optix G24C6 23.6 and I also connected my laptop to those monitors in every port: HDMI, DP on the left and DP on the right, for every monitor. But that must be irrelevant information now.


As for the video I recorded: The freeze happens more or less in the middle of the video.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Squalexy ,

Thank you for your response. 

Regarding the issue of the screen not displaying in battery mode, it is possible that this is due to low battery power. Please continue to observe whether this problem occurs again.
Additionally, for the situation of lag on the screen shown in the video you provided, may I ask if you were connected to a power source while using it?



That already happened twice a while ago but I was connected to a power source the two times.


And yes the freezes happen everytime I'm connected to a power source because I never game on battery. The freeze I displayed on the video is minor compared to the ones I might get where the system is completely unresponsive.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Squalexy ,

I would like to confirm if the issue you described, occurring twice, is similar to the stuttering problem shown in the video you shared.
Regarding the freezing issue with the external monitor, since we haven't experienced such phenomena during our testing and considering that you have already tried various troubleshooting steps, we recommend that you take your laptop to a local repair center for further diagnosis of your problem. 
Apologize for any inconvenience caused.


I have no way of telling that, when I booted the laptop the screen was simply black, so I have no way of knowing if it's related to freezing or not.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Squalexy ,

Sorry for misunderstanding your previous statement regarding the two issues you mentioned. I thought you were referring to a stuttering issue on the laptop's display.
Regarding the freezing issue on the external monitor, I recommend bringing your notebook to a local repair center for further diagnosis of your problem.
Apologize for any inconvenience caused .