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ASUS Flow x16 GV601RM ongoing BSOD and crash

Level 7

Consistent with Solved: ROG Flow X16 SSD/PCI issues and BSOD - Republic of Gamers Forum - 978373 ( I am having daily issues with my laptop BSOD or restarting.  For some reason no dump files are recorded so further investigation is impossible.  The logs offer no clarity as to the cause. The  MyAsus app records these events but offers no solution.  I have undertaken all possible software updates (driver, bios, window) but the problem persists.  This has been ongoing for over a year.  I need this pc for my work and cannot afford to have it unavailable for an extended period.

Returning the laptop for "repair" is a 70Km round trip that I am disinclined to take when others are reporting similar issues that point to a systemic problem that ASUS should fix. My warranty expires in 3 months and I am very concerned that the repair center will process any repair slowly and report no fault found.  

Some proactive and focused customer support would be greatly appreciated.





Customer Service Agent

Hi @cdann ,

I'd like to confirm if there are any error codes that appear when the BSOD? You mentioned that the MyAsus app logs these events; could you let us know if MyASUS provides any error information after hardware diagnostics?
Regarding the BSOD and restart issues, do they occur under specific circumstances (such as using certain software or using iGPU/dGPU)?
Additionally, could you confirm if you've added or replaced any hardware (SSD/RAM)? Thank you.


Hi @Anbby_ROG,

There are no error codes with the BSOD, they flash past in less than 2 seconds.  The restarts are often back screens directly into a reboot.  MyAsus suggests that I may have a driver error and recommends I update to the latest drivers.  All drivers and Windows upgrades are at the latest version.  Most of the time the BSODs occur using teams or 0365 apps.  I have complex high load simulation and GPU intensive Dnn training that usually works fine. The only hardware changes are 64GB of DDR 5 ram.  Crucial CT32G56C4685 2x32GB SODIMMs.  DDR5-5600 1.1v CL46.  I have undertaken a RAM test using the basic and deeps test modes on a number of occasions and nor errors are found.  I have also performed a chkdsk /f to ensure no SSD corruption.  I have also run DISM and reinstalled my nVidia drivers that are currently at 555.99.

Thanks for your response.

Kind regards





Hi @Anbby_ROG ,

I have removed the new RAM and replaced it with the original 16GB SODIMMs.  I have also moved the SSD to the other slot. I rolled the nVidia driver back to the version on the ASUS drivers download page for the flow X16.  I am load testing up to full capacity to see if the system fails.

kind regards


Hi @Anbby_ROG,

Ongoing lockups with hardware reverted to factory.





Customer Service Agent

Hi @cdann ,

Thank you for your feedback. Based on your test results, we recommend taking your laptop to a local service center for further hardware diagnostics to identify the problem. Thank you.