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ASUS A15 FA507RM Freezing

Level 7

Hi All,

New laptop, freezes randomly, although more frequently during games, tried several fixes I have found via Google so far with good results until I shutdown, then this will reoccur.

Screen freezes, music/sounds still continue, no mouse movement, no visable keyboard effects. only solution is to hold down the power button and hard reset.

Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Thank you.


Level 12

Have you cleaned your fans out since getting the laptop? are your drivers up to date. you made have bad ram in your system or even an ssd failing.

Fans are clean, drivers as far as I can tell are all up to date.

Is there a way to test RAM and SSD?

Level 12

You have MYasus on your laptop use it's  System Diagnostic tool

I ran the diag on MyAsus and theres no issues apart from the wifi adapter, which is saying its capable of running a higher standard than I currently have.

Level 7

bumping post.

Still no better. Any other ideas?

Evidently, this is GPU dependent, so either the hardware or the driver. A new driver, it doesn't have to be suitable at all, please check the driver recommended by ASUS. The GPU can also overheat under load.

Level 12

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Sik ,

I would like to confirm if your BIOS version has been updated to the latest version 315, and if you are using the ASUS-certified NVIDIA Graphics version V30.0.15.1278 and AMD display driver version V31.0.12024.2005 to see if the issue has improved.
If the problem persists, please assist in confirming what mode Armoury Crate is set to when the issue occurs. Are there any external monitors or other devices connected? Thank you for your cooperation.