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ASMedia USB3.2 Firmware update tool and other issues with ROG Strix G1713PV Laptop

Level 7

I need help, can't find info online. How do I install the ASMedia USB3.2 Firmware update?
From the Asus website driver directory I just get a zip file with bunch of stuff inside, I have no idea what to do 😄
Please help a clueless idiot 😄

I recently bought the ROG Strix G1713PV Laptop

Processor AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX with Radeon Graphics
64GB Ram
Adapter Description NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU

I disabled the laptop display and connected two AOC monitors to the two USB-C ports at the back with USB-C to DP cables.

I keep having occasional screen flickering, sometimes the displays disconnect and freak out, sometimes the icons and text look pixelated. 

My audio keeps breaking and stuttering when listening to spotify or streaming video.
I am starting to be really annoyed at this BS. 
Is anyone willing to help? It feels like search engines are useless these days. 
Thank you.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Varcan ,

Regarding driver installation, you can refer to the relevant instructions at the following link:


Based on your description, I would like to confirm if your product model is "G713PV." If your product model is indeed G713PV, I would like to explain that the G713PV supports a maximum memory capacity of 32GB (16+16). Installing memory that exceeds the supported specifications may lead to compatibility issues. I recommend reverting to the original memory configuration and testing to see if this resolves the problems.