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Armory crate sync with logitech G502

Level 8

sometimes the G502 mouse appears on the armory crate on my asus strix G18 laptop, but not always, only at some times, and it even syncs with the laptop, but normally it doesn't stay on the armory crate on the aura, even if it's plugged into usb, I want it to be always there, how do I do it?in armory crate, aura syncin armory crate, aura syncin windows optionsin windows options


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Nat123ヅ ,

Due to the G502 mouse does not support Aura Sync, it is not possible to control the lighting effects of the G502 mouse through Armory Crate.
If you wish to adjust the lighting effects of the G502 mouse, we recommend using the software provided by Logitech for further configuration. The above information is provided for your reference.

Look at the pictures sent, it's heartwarming, the mouse is actually following the lights on the laptop


I confirm that I have exactly the same thing. Sometimes my G502 appears in Aura Sync and I can choose the light mode I want, it works at the same time as my Asus motherboard and my Asus keyboard. So why do you say that it is not supported if it works under certain conditions (G502 visible in Aura Sync).

How do I make it work like this every time?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Nat123ヅ @BoNoM ,

After confirmation, the Logitech G502 does not support the Aura Sync software. 
In order to further investigate this issue, could you please enable the logging feature in Armory Crate and try to reproduce the problem (i.e., setting the lighting in Aura Sync and the Logitech G502 disappearing in Armory Crate)? If possible, please record a video of the synchronization and provide the logs and the following information for further investigation. Thank you.

  • Laptop Serial Number:
  • BIOS Version:
  • Windows Build Version: (Settings - System - About)

【Here is the file path for the log file for your reference】
In Armoury Crate ""Settings"" and check ""About"" page, If clicking App Diagnostics ""Record Log"", the Privacy Policy Statement will pop out. Once user agreed statement, the Armoury Crate will start to collect problem log and you can click ""Generate log data"" to generate the log file with encrypted (ASUS log file).

Level 8

Laptop serial number: G814JIR

BIOS version: 316

Windows build version: 23H2; 22631.3737

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Nat123ヅ @BoNoM ,

Due to the need for your personal information.
I have sent you a message, please check✉. Thank you