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Armory Crate crashes the game at random times while playing

Level 7

I reinstalled Windows 11 and my problem was not solved.
Armory Crate is crashing my game
Error in event log:
DistributedCOM 10016

app-specific permission settings
For COM Server application with APPID: B9ECED6F.ArmouryCrate_5.8.9.0_x64__qmba6cd70vzyy 9-321513134) SID at LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in application container It does not grant Local Activation permission to the user mustafa\mustafa with the value (S-1-5-21-4227549347-376113069-369801-1001). This security permission can be changed using the Component Services administrative tool.


Customer Service Agent

Could you please provide the full model of the laptop you are using?
How to find Model Name
Could you also provide the BIOS version, system version (operating system build numbers), and Armory Crate version you are using?
Additionally, please refer to the following FAQ to upload the log so that we can conduct further checks.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

[Gaming NB/DT] Armoury Crate Introduction (Ver5.0)
Q5: What is App Diagnostics? (New Feature)
A5: App Diagnostics can collect Armoury Crate current status log. In Armoury Crate "Settings"① and check "About" page, If clicking App Diagnostics "Record Log", the Privacy Policy Statement will pop out. Once user agreed statement, the Armoury Crate will start to collect problem log. After that, please start to duplicate the problem you have, then back to this page to click "Generate log data" to generate the log file with encrypted (ASUS log file). After log saved, user can provide it to the repair center or technical supporter for further Armoury Crate problem diagnostics.