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Are gaming laptops worth it?

Level 7

Seeing as they only last around 4-5 years is it even worth it? especially when they cost more than 1.5k, sure you might go to college and need it a lot but is it worth spending that much every 5 or so years


Level 12

Laptops are great depending on what you plan on using them for I suggest not buying a gaming laptop buy a gaming desktop instead because you will get more bang for your buck in the long run.

From an ecological point of view, desktops are the scourge of this planet because they consume several times more energy than laptops, even very powerful laptops.

As a graphic designer, I can't imagine working without a laptop, especially since it can successfully replace a desktop even in a home studio.

Level 11

The question of "is it worth it" is a very subjective matter.

Personal experience, some laptops that are dubbed 'gaming laptop' are really portable workstations. High resolution, reasonable refresh rate kind of laptops are great for strategy gaming where you want a wide field of view, but not FPS or other games where split-second reactions highly matter. Crucially they support multitasking for productivity. So if you work or study in a field where you do need to move the device around (desktop can be ruled out), but need the power and screen real estate or high screen quality, a gaming laptop can be the perfect choice for you. Using it every day for 5 years, a 2500 dollar laptop costs 1.4 dollars per day. If you think you get at least 1.4 dollars a day of value out of it, it is a good investment.

But it is worthwhile to check alternatives and sales to improve that value. Office laptops tend to have more longevity and stability, but at a higher cost when the specifications are similar to a gaming laptop. Media laptops focus almost exclusively on screen and battery, but again adding performance makes their price skyrocket. Gaming laptops with a high refresh rate screen are usually not great for creative work or productivity. Getting a cheap device requires even more research as getting a poor quality one may lead you to replace it in 2 or 3 years, meaning the investment over 5 years may be the same, but in two or three instalments. There are always tradeoffs when you choose your next device. So do your research. The worst feeling comes when you buy the device and it turns out you actually cannot do all the things you bought the device for and you are beyond the return window.

Level 12

From an economic point of view, there is no comparison. With 10 hours of high-strenuous tasks, the monthly cost of maintaining a desktop in the US is $25, while a powerful laptop is about $7, and the tasks performed are exactly the same.