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Am I the only one who has a problem with Zephyrus G16 2024 RTX 4090 ? Insane temps on CPU

Level 8

Hi guys, recently bought the new zephyrus G16 2024 with RTX 4090 and when I'm gaming (quite easy gaming I must say Teamfight Tactics) it gets extremely hot, my CPU temp is going to 90-95. Is there a problem with my laptop or every single one hass the same issue ?


Level 7

i have the Asus zephyrus G16 (2024) rtx 4080 version and i have the same problem many users say asus used the liquid metal very wrong thats why its thermal thorteling but idk how to open up my laptop

Level 7

I have the same problem CPU in the BIOS alone likes to be 95 degrees hot...
When gaming at 99 degrees and every few seconds the CPU clocks down to 400mhz for a few seconds... games have massive performance losses

Had the same problem on G16 2024 (155H/4070). Laptop sent to service after 3 weeks of using. Thats not normal on that price level. First time I saw something like this.

Level 7

I'm sorry to ask something irrelevant to the overheating problem. I found there's a red wire under the tab button (the model is Zephyrus G16 2024 RTX 4080). Is that a defect?processed-C3C609D3-1906-4252-AF4F-6D0B2B18E745.jpeg

I have the same thing on the 4090 one