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Always benchmark your laptop after purchasing a asus rog or asus with liquid metal

Level 7

I bought my asus rog strix g16 13980hx last year. My mistake was I never benchmarked it in the beginning. I noticed my laptop always overheats going to the 96C for just existing and had to always limit it's watts when i play games. Many people said its normal for the temp to spike that way or go hot. But I wasn't buying it cause mine was too inconsistent. Then I really started to notice it has such a weird behavior in it's heat. So I benchmarked it on cinebench r23 and well I can only achieve 18000 points than what it was shown in videos which is 30000. So I suspected that there is something wrong with the thermals and yes it was




barely any of the liquid metal touched the heat sink so I had to reapply it and finally the laptop is keeping cool never reaching 90 and always at 80 and below when gaming. Even going to 39 degrees at idle

I highly recommend benchmarking your laptops first to see if it's score matches the benchmarks in videos and in sites. And checking it's heat in the first month if it has no improvement what so ever. Replace the whole laptop. If the replacement is the same just buy a diffirent laptop. 


Level 7

I'm having the same issue but I have the model with i7 (g16), how can I verify this?
Isn't the warranty cancelled if I open the laptop and check the thermal paste and liquid metal?

I'll really appreciate your answer and thanks for sharing this situation, I thought it was kinda normal, my laptop is at 80 degrees in normal idle using the turbo, when I play games I feel like it has some throttle should be the temps

Level 7

Is it an i7 13650hx processor? From 2023?  To verify benchmark your laptop benchmark get cinebench 23 link will be here.

Single core should be around 1800. Multi score should be around 20000. Try it on turbo close every app and only open cinebench. Keep the laptop elevated for better airflow. If you have cooler Try it with a cooler and without coolers to see if there's a diffirence. 

Yes the warranty will be removed when your remove its heat sink it will show a sticker of one of the screws that says warning. 

You're welcome I want to make people aware about this situation cause it seems to be very common situation for a lot of liquid metal laptops. And while there is still a warranty you can save the laptop. 

80 shouldn't be the normal idle it should at least be 70 or below. Try to keep your laptop elevated for it's vents and try to not block the vents. Mostly since you're an i7 it shouldn't be as hot as a i9 13980hx

To fix some remarks and more info. Try to make sure that your laptops vents and fans are clean. Idle temp with liquid metal should at least be like 40c to 50c maybe some slight 60c.