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abnormal cpu temperature

Level 7

So baiscally i got asus rog g18 4070 i913980HX 
however when i turn on my laptop cpu's temperature reaches 60c imediately just from the start (charger on) not sure if its normal but fact that it just turned on and cpu temperature is 60c is a little bit worrying,
Can somebody tell me if its normal or it's defected unit ?


Level 7

I would say it is pretty standard with laptops that run high-end components. 4070 and i9 in a small factor is quite a big engine and will run hot.

I would suggest running benchmark and comparing the top scores.

Is that normal that my cpu spikes toward 90-100 c while gaming, and it stays at 90c max with stress test (100% usage ) ?

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Shuu ,


I would like to confirm more details to further investigate your issue.
Could you please let me know what mode your Armoury Crate settings are in while playing games?
Does it maintain temperatures of 90-100 for any game? I would also like to confirm how you are measuring the temperature.
Have you referred to the instructions in the following link to verify the relevant settings?

Please feel free to reply and let us know when you have any further questions. Thank you.

I measure it’s temperature using HWinfo. I believe I use “performance” mode in armoury crate app, tried to use turbo but on turbo cpu reaches higher temps so I decided to stay with performance mode.I don’t think it maintains 100c temperature I just get very high spikes, highest one was around 110c
Game itself doesn’t matter as far as I see, if it’s rimworld, Valorant or other games with way better graphics like black desert online, it just spikes to 100c (don’t know if it’s normal since it’s my first laptop I bought ever). I think it maintains 90 ish C while playing  Naraka bladepoint on max settings 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Shuu ,

Thank you for your feedback. 
Could you please provide more information via private message so that our team can further investigate your issue? 
We kindly request the following information:
(1) Product serial number
(2) BIOS version
(3) Temperature records from HWinfo (at startup, during idle, and while playing games)

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.