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2024 g16 4080 version. Has anyone tried a pcie 5 drive?

Level 9

I am looking at a 2tb crucial t705. I have a heatsink that fits. It's a good proper one, just thin. I am curious if pcie 5 works. The cpu supports it. Has anyone tried? I know it would downgrade to gen 4, but that's a waste.

I know thr manual says otherwise,  but the manual says no 4tb. Samsung 990 pro 4 tb works fine. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @MadHatter01 ,

I would like to confirm with you if the model you are inquiring about is the GU603M series.
The GU603M comes with two SSD slots . Each slot supports up to 2TB, and its specification is M.2 2280 PCIe, Gen4x4.

Please note that we conduct stability and compatibility tests based on the recommended specifications for laptop upgrades. If you encounter compatibility issues when installing components beyond the suggested specifications, we recommend testing with the recommended specifications for optimal performance. Thank you for your understanding.

My GU605MY will be here tomorrow.  I can tell you that I have tested multiple drives. The Samsung 990 pro 4tb, WD Black SN850X 4tb (did not work), Crucial t500 2tb and SABRENT pcie Gen 5 2TB. I only had that drive for a little bit. I don't know if it was connected gen 5 or 4. I am guessing gen 4 because thr write speeds were 7300mbps or so. No where near the 12000-13000mbps. The manual says 2TB max, that's simply not true. As I stated and others have, the single side Samsung 990 pro 4tb works perfect.

I had a GU605MZ that I was doing the testing on, but the GU605MY finally came in stock yesterday. So I ordered it and will be returning the MZ. Technically I don't need a new NVME now because it came with a 2TB. The MZ only had a 1TB so an upgrade was needed for it.

Right now I am just curious, more for long term. The hardware is there, the south bridge is connected PCI-E gen 5 to the cpu. I know there are plenty of lanes. I am just seeing how future proof this laptop is also.

Level 9

Like I said above. I have been using the 4080 RTX model GU605MZ. I could not get my hands on the 4090 RTX GU605MY. After about a month of having the GU605MZ, the GU605MY came in stock yesterday. I really wanted the 4090 RTX because it has 16Gb of video ram vs 12Gb. The bonus 2TB NVME SSD is also a plus. 

I was thinking of buying the Crucial T705 2TB Gen 5 (its almost 1 year newer then the T700) and putting the heatsink on it. Same chipset, but was hoping they tweaked it. Was also looking at Corsair MP700 Pro SE. I am worried about speed and temps. I bought the attached 2mm heatsink version with a high end thermal grizzly. Right now its on a Samsung 990 Pro. It fits with some room to spare. When I get the new laptop tomorrow, I plan on just leaving it stock.