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2022 Flow X13 (GV301RE) HP reverb g2 connection issues

Level 8

I am trying  to connect hp reverb g2 to my 2022 Flow X13 (GV301RE). After a few hours of strugling I haven't managed to make it work.
I used 2 different type c to DisplayPort dongles. one is small dongle with 8k marking on it and another one is dell wd19 (not wd19tb). both of them does not work. smaller one gives screen turning on and off with black only. Dell dock station makes the  headset  give artifacts of lines.

The one way to be sure that headset  is working is to set the lower  resolution in WMR settings. It gives an image but it uses on 2/3 of each display's area and the image is not centered. so it is not impossible to use it.

I have changed the GPU mode to ultimate to trigger the MUX of the GPU but i have the same results.

Hard reset does not help.

Has anyone had the same issue?
Is rog's  type-c/DP is  not capable of 5k 60hz?
Do I need to try another dongle?
Any other suggestions?