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When will have GT-AX6000 firmware update?

Level 8

It is long time without firmware update of GT-AX6000. What is the issue?
The product is only released 2years+ (maybe 3 years). I purchased it to replace my RT-AC88U. If ASUS's product life cycle is that too short, i can't trust and support anymore. But i know similar product GT-AX11000 had firmware update on Dec. 2023. Why GT-AX6000 hasn't?
Please formally reply us even you (ASUS) will not support us (GT-AX6000).


Level 7

I received - last night. Still testing but appears to be very responsive (the UI) also noticed WPA3 ent and 192 under wireless security. Under fw upgrade too update security toggle is new.

Level 8

Thanks dm-gt-ax6000!I found it ( in Asus Website. Good news.👏

Thanks for the heads up  @dm-gt-ax6000 and @YK_Kwok just manually updated the FW.

Lest hope that Asus improve the pace of FW upgrades from 🤞

Level 8

We did it! LOL

Thanks Asus!

Now when is the next firmware update???      😉

🔮📅    😉


Level 7

I had also open a support ticket with Asus if they're not providing firmware updates for almost a year is it okay to install third party firmware like Asus Merlin and will it void my warranty, to which I received a response saying installing custom firmware wil VOID my warranty 😞

But at least we received an update afterall 👍

Level 7

The GT-AX11000 (non-pro) has indeed received a semi-recent update, but I'm very curious why it hasn't gotten a update yet. I don't know of any good reason why it shouldn't.

Level 8

FYI - The "WiFi Radar" feature has been removed from the  GT-AX6000 router with this firmware update version: dated 05/22/2024, due to a "necessary SDK security upgrade"? 

I hope ASUS is planning to add the "WIFI RADAR" functionality back again as soon as possible within another firmware update.
See the ASUS notification within the below URL.

Thanks ejgnj!
Wow, although i don't use the "Wifi Radar", the "Data Collection", "Site Survey", "Channel Statistics" ... all are good features. Hope ASUS add back the "Wifi Radar" in coming firmware update. Thanks.

Hi @ejgnj 

Thanks for the heads up. Good catch!