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When will have GT-AX6000 firmware update?

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It is long time without firmware update of GT-AX6000. What is the issue?
The product is only released 2years+ (maybe 3 years). I purchased it to replace my RT-AC88U. If ASUS's product life cycle is that too short, i can't trust and support anymore. But i know similar product GT-AX11000 had firmware update on Dec. 2023. Why GT-AX6000 hasn't?
Please formally reply us even you (ASUS) will not support us (GT-AX6000).


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Thanks dm-gt-ax6000!I found it ( in Asus Website. Good news.👏

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Customer Service Agent

Hi @YK_Kwok ,

thank you for your inquiry. 

Regarding the GT-AX6000 router, we are pleased to inform you that it is currently not listed on the EOL (End of Life) list, so firmware updates will continue to be provided. 

End-of-life product list (

However, please understand that releasing new firmware versions requires multiple tests and verification, which takes some time. 

For the latest news on firmware updates, we recommend you to keep an eye on our official website. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know, and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you.

Hi @Aureliannn_ROG 

Could you please check the following "inconsistency"?

Latest firmware available to download is at

But is factory installed now.

Could you please provide a download link for or newer firmware?


Wow, Is the new GT-AX6000 with factory bios If true, why not release to us (GT-AX6000 users)? ASUS, please clarify asap. Thanks.

Hi @YK_Kwok 

Yes it is, please check this partial screen-capture 🔍
Current FW 2024-05-16 093807.png

Seeing is believing 😉

@Aureliannn_ROGand @xeromist , could you please make some internal research and provide an official answer?

Thanks in advance

Can you please follow up on this with us?

Hi Aureliannn_ROG, Please reply us that is new GT-AX6000 router installed with new firmware? If yes, why not release the firmware to us (existing AX6000 users)?
You said GT-AX60000 is not listed in EOL. Why around 1 year without new firmware release (take very long time)? Why other router has regular firmware update (around 3 months)? Please formally reply us. Thanks!

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I thought I was losing my mind until this post! 

I'm extremely security conscience and this is unacceptable.

How does our premium router not have current firmware?  Others get updates almost every other month and it's been a year for our GT-AX6000s

Please help us get secure!!!

Hi @NoTimeToDie 

100% agree

@Aureliannn_ROG   @Bobby_ROG   @Jiaszzz_ROG  Could you please create a Support case an escalate it?

The best hardware without updated software makes you feel like a sitting duck from the security stands point of view.
How many related CVEs are published monthly?

La potencia sin control no sirve de nada (original).jpg

If you don't share on your sites the latest firmware on a regularly basis the great option of manual firmware upgrade is useless.

This is the preferred method to review in advance what changes are included and what issues are addressed in a specific version of firmware before deploy it.


Level 8

Any update?