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Level 7

Hi everyone!

i see a lot of forums talking about new beta firmware for AX-89X

1. how can i get  the beta?

2. as from searches i see "RT-AX89U_9.0.0.4_388_32100-gd2badf4_for_user.trx"

does it the last version? how can i know the last version?




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @benhakim2010 

After confirming the official website page of the RT-AX89X router, under the "Support" section, specifically in the "BIOS & Firmware" category, the latest firmware is version, released on October 18, 2022.


Regarding your inquiry about the discussions related to BETA firmware, may I know where you encountered or heard about them?

Thank you.

I really don’t understand where do you get the file?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @benhakim2010 

Please prioritize the official firmware version released on the official website.
May I ask if you have encountered any issues at the moment?
If so, please provide details such as the current firmware version, connection method, issue scenario, and frequency of occurrence.

Thank you.

Official Firmware doesn't have Wireguard VPN support which is why i choose to use the Beta

Level 7

I got  the link from Asus suport because I had problems with the last frimware and they send me that link for me to try the beta firmware I am using it for the last 2 days and to me is ok but be careful because is not official

How is the beta firmware going for you? 
Any idea how long this will remain a beta? Its been a while since an official firmware has been released, I wouldn’t mind using the Wireguard vpn and moving the vpn off my NAS and direct onto the router instead.

I don’t use the beta, i think to use.

It’s look like there is no new beta so maybe soon..