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ROG GT6 aimesh dropping to 2.4 ghz.

Level 7

Hello Community.

I have an issue with my duo pack ROG GT6 wifi mesh system. I have setup the system to use the 5ghz-2 band for wireless backhaul. But occasionally it switches to 2.4 ghz with a weak signal. And it never switches back. While normally the signal strenght is very good. -41 till -53 DBM. Tx rate around 1800-3200 mbps.

Things i have tried to resolve the issue :

- Disabled WMM APSD

- Disabled Roamingassistance for the backhaul band.

The system used to work thursdaynight till saturdaysevening on a seperate SSID for testing because i thought the first set was faulty and also that my girlfriend did not need to change her wifi.

But since i renamed the SSID to what we always have, and removed our ac82u router. the issues started yesterday night.

Is this an DFS issue ? or what should i do to fix it ? When i reboot the non-wired GT6 the signal i back to great and high speed for a short time. But i dont want to keep rebooting it every time.

Firmwareversion :  


With kind regards,




Customer Service Agent

Hi @rb3 ,

based on your question, when the 5GHz frequency is on a DFS channel, the router will automatically perform a Channel Availability Check (CAC). During this check, the 5GHz signal will be temporarily unavailable, and the duration of the CAC process can range from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on your country or region.

In some regions, DFS frequency bands may be susceptible to wireless interference, which could lead to a switch to the 2.4GHz band. We recommend trying to set the 5GHz-2 band on your ROG GT6 system to a non-DFS channel to reduce the likelihood of switching. After making this adjustment, please check if the issue still occurs.

For detailed instructions, you can refer to the link provided. Thank you.

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Dear @Aureliannn_ROG ,


I live in the Netherlands, when i choose to select a channel, i can only see DFS channels, i cannot select a non-dfs channel. 

Is it not possible to let the system check if the dfs channel is free again and then let it switch back from 2.4ghz to 5ghz again?

With kind regards,