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Re: [COMPLAINT] ASUS Wireless Router GT-AXE16000 - Worst experience EVER

Level 14

Please use both:

under Advanced Settings -> Administration -> Firmware upgrade (tab) - Firmware Version:

Signature version -> Check

Check Update -> Check

These announcements mean the repair has been made, but not necessarily through firmware.  They can also be pushed through the Signature.  (There’s a transparent mode also that one time had a glitch).


Level 9

Hi there.

I'm writing this thread because as a GT-AXE16000 owner I feel disgusted about ASUS firmware update policy.

Last time my pricey router got a firmware update was on April, 19th. SEVEN MONTHS AGO.

In the meanwhile, there have been several critical security fixes: (source)




06/19/2023 New firmware with accumulate security updates for GT6/GT-AXE16000/GT-AX11000 PRO/GT-AXE11000/GT-AX6000/GT-AX11000/GS-AX5400/GS-AX3000/XT9/XT8/XT8 V2/RT-AX86U PRO/RT-AX86U/RT-AX86S/RT-AX82U/RT-AX58U/RT-AX3000/TUF-AX6000/TUF-AX5400 ∇

The new firmware incorporates the following security fixes.

Fixed CVE-2023-28702, CVE-2023-28703, CVE-2023-31195, CVE-2022-46871, CVE-2022-38105, CVE-2022-35401, CVE-2018-1160, CVE-2022-38393, CVE-2022-26376
Fixed DoS vulnerabilities in firewall configuration pages.
Fixed DoS vulnerabilities in httpd.
Fixed information disclosure vulnerability.
Fixed null pointer dereference vulnerabilities.
Fixed the cfg server vulnerability.
Fixed the vulnerability in the logmessage function.
Fixed Client DOM Stored XSS
Fixed HTTP response splitting vulnerability
Fixed status page HTML vulnerability.
Fixed HTTP response splitting vulnerability.
Fixed Samba related vulerabilities.
Fixed Open redirect vulnerability.
Fixed token authentication security issues.
Fixed security issues on the status page.
Enabled and supported ECDSA certificates for Let's Encrypt.
Enhanced protection for credentials.
Enhanced protection for OTA firmware updates.



Anyway, as of today, NONE OF THESE FIXES HAVE EVER BEEN RELEASED as you can see:

I wrote to ASUS customer support but they just told me to send a feedback through the router integrated form.

There are no excuses for such an incompetent behavior.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @xazac,

based on your query, version includes several issue resolutions and optimizations. 

Below is the list of fixes and optimizations in this version for your reference. 

Could you please let us know if you are currently experiencing any problems with this version? 

If so, kindly provide details about the issues and when they occur. Thank you.

ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 (


Thanks for your reply.

Anyway, if you had paid more attention, you could have seen that has been released on April 19th, while the statement I attached (link)  has been published on June 19th.

The router is unreliable, its GUI is lagging and WiFi is very unstable (I have to reboot the root at least twice a week).