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My Xbox lags when playing with a 2nd one on the same network

Level 8

I have a 5 gig fiber internet connection with an ax 11000 pro but when I try to play Fortnite or call of duty with my friends my Xbox lags that’s not plugged into the 1st port my 2nd console is plugged into port#2 contacted Microsoft they told me it’s a router issue


Level 15

If you swap console on port 1 with console on port 2 do you get the same results, port 2 is still laggy?  Can you run a speed test from port 1 and port 2 and report the results?

Port 1 824 download 422 upload port 2 794 download 436 upload

Please check and turn OFF QoS (if it is not already disabled.  Those speeds do not make any sense for 5 Gig service).  How’s the ping?

Yes qos is off when I called support they said the Speedtest isn’t accurate

It lags on both consoles but only when playing together