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How do i pair/ repair my Asus Wifi Mesh(es) to my main ROG Router?

Level 7

The wifi meshes around the house keep blinking blue although they used to remain a solid white. This occured due to my wifi contract ending and causing my house to have no WiFi for a few days. Now that i have renewed the contract, my WiFi meshes are "messed up" and my PC that is connected through ethernet to my Asus WiFi mesh, the mesh being disconnecting( rebooting/ turning off then turning on again) and when it does turn on i dont get a secure connection to my PC, sometimes even disconnecting halfway through my games. Any way to help?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @indio99 

Could you please provide the model of the router you are currently using and the current firmware version?
If it's not up to date, please update the firmware to the latest version, reset AiMesh settings, and then check the issue again.
If you require a repair, please contact ASUS - support to arrange the repair process.

Thank you.