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GT-AXE16000 5G-2 UNII-4 Question

Level 8

I am wondering if Asus would enable UNII-4 to AXE16000 Router in future? ( U.S.  region)

Here is my current setup AXE16000 + 2 XT8s ( 5G-2, wireless backhaul). Without the UNII-4 Supoort, the maximum PHY speed I could get is around 1100 Mbps ( 80Mhz 5G-2, because all channels under 160Mhz are DFS). However, I used to have AX11000Pro, and when I paired AX11000Pro with XT8s the maximum wireless backhal could reach 1800Mbps ( 160Mhz 5G-2 and UNII-4 non-DFS channels).

Thus, I feel like I have a downgraded setup by upgrading my main roter from AX11000Pro to AXE16000 unless AXE16000 would enable UNII-4.

I want to Thank @jzchen pointed out that under AXE16000 feature, it does say this router has 3 available 160Mhz 5G channels, and when I overlay the image, it does look like the 3rd channel is under UNII-4 range. Thus, I am wondering if ROG official has any informaiton on this?




Customer Service Agent

Hi @Dummykid ,

thank you for the inquiry.

GT-AXE16000 supports up to nine SSIDs (three 2.4GHz/ three 5GHz/ three 6GHz)

You can refer to the user manual and the following information:

E23424_GT-AXE16000_UM_v2_WEB.pdf (

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Hi @Aureliannn_ROG , 

thank you for the reply,  but my actual question is on the 3 available 160Mhz 5G channels ( the 3rd channel is under the UNII-4, but currently the FW doesn't now enable it)  advertised in the feature page.