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GT-AX11000 - WHY? communication w/ Korea, Singapore, Taiwan.

Level 9

GT-AX11000.    I have it in AP Mode.  The GT-AX11000 is not performing NAT function.
I have a Firewall / IPS upstream.   Topology.  [ ISP ] --- [ Firewall ] --- [ GT-AX11000(AP Mode) ]
I noticed the GT-AX11000 communicating ( A LOT ).

UDP, port ranging from 33437 - 33468, very sequential. & A lot of it!!   going to places like South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, to name a few.

Here is a picture.


  • Why?
  • How do I stop it?  What setting(s) within the GT-AX11000 will stop this behavior?

Thank you


Level 15

Google .  Maybe that will give you a clue as to what’s communicating with that IP.

My question is why the GT-AX11000 is sending/ generating traffic to Korea and other places.   The GT-AX11000 is the source of the traffic.  I know who owns that CIDR address,

why is this consumer grade router sending traffic to various DataCenters around the world?  
what is this router doing? And why!  

Hopefully you don’t have some sort of malware (ie MeshAgent) on any Windows device connected to the AX11000…

The Router is in AP Mode, acting as a bridge with in my network. Which disables NAT.

 The traffic is sourced from the Asus product.   I cannot say this any other way.

 My clients do not have a virus/malware.  
It is the GT-AX11000 generating the traffic. The traffic is sourced from the GT-AX11000.

My question is to ASUS, why is this GT-AX11000 generating traffic to other countries like Korea, Taiwan?


Can you please shoot a 10sec video of router when aura illuminating rainbow effect ?

I’m sorry I do not understand.  Does the rainbow effect generate traffic?

AP mode is more like a switch with WiFi.  If you remove all connected devices, (connected to the AX11000,) then it still does this?

Level 9

I think the traffic is related to the management page.  Here is a video. Do you know what causes this traffic and how do I stop it.  other than upstream firewall rules.

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