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ROG GT6 aimesh dropping to 2.4 ghz.

Hello Community.I have an issue with my duo pack ROG GT6 wifi mesh system. I have setup the system to use the 5ghz-2 band for wireless backhaul. But occasionally it switches to 2.4 ghz with a weak signal. And it never switches back. While normally th...

rb3 by Level 7
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AXE16000 Internet Speed Drop

Hello,My AXE16000 is directly connected to the ISP with 2.5Gbps speed, normally I could test the internet speed under the menu Game Acceleration -> Internet Speed which normally could report more than 2Gbps download speed. However the AXE16000 is not...

albip by Level 7
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Axe16000 router is not working.

I bought a product from Amazon and installed it. After installation, during approximately 2 hours of use, the router suddenly disconnected and the LED color was fixed, leaving only LEDs 1 and 3 lit. I tried everything I could with the wps button, pow...

jaekie by Level 7
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ASUS GT-AX11000 Firmware Update Not Working

Hello,My GT-AX11000 has issues in updating firmware.Firmware version: uploading the firmware file downloaded from in the UI above causes the router to restart when progress is at around 25%. After completion...

therealmanzk101_0-1687000472997.png therealmanzk101_1-1687000491957.png

GT-AXE11000 Firmware Updates

Earlier today iOS firmware upgrade found available so I flashed it.  The prior one is  I have a funny feeling that _23483 is not going to be made available on the website.  My AXE11000 is a node that does...

jzchen by Level 14
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Resolved! QOS ASUS GT-AXE-11000

Hi All.I am new to the scene here and looking for some advice, I recently bought the Asus Rog GT-AXE-11000 and find this this be a really good router apart from a couple of teething problems to start with when ICMP was on after a few days it would st...

Maximus Z690 Hero PciE Bus Dopouts on Lan & NVME

Hello again, i am currently still trying to figure out my initial problem regarding a basically nun usable MAxIMUS Z690 hero platform. HAVE CROSS TESTED EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT WITH A REPLACEMENT AND THE ERROR STILL OCCURS! (Mobo replaced, Gpu replace...

philsrb by Level 7
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