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Asus ROG GT-BE98 Device Limit

Hi, does anybody know what the device limit is on the GT-BE98, my old router has got to its limit so need something else, will it be 200? I've searched everywhere and even emailed Asus but got no reply, thanks

NEW to this forum need help!

hi I have a query sales query but there’s no where to contact ASUS, I have a GT-AX 11000 it was top of the range at one point.I have two of them one is in really good condition and I use that one. And one is spare and it’s in okay condition but missi...


I am redoing my networking solution in my home and finally adding a server rack for my switch with a patch panel. I have three AXE11000's all in wired backhaul mode. I wanted to know if I could patch them into the panel and then run them through a 2....

IIFlixy by Level 7
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Problem with Asus GT6 Update

Hello everyone,I have a mesh system with a ROG GT AXE 11000 as my main router and 3 nodes of Asus GT6. After last update to 24512 in GT6 models all of them stoped to comunicate with normal device IOT like Roomba and 20 TP Link Tapo Devices (Probably ...

Resolved! 2 GT6 set as Node

Hello,I am trying to set 2 GT6's as node with an AX11000 as the router. I was able to get 1 GT6 as node almost immediately out of the box. The other gt6 wont push through using the steps. I have setup the unit as a router and updated the firmware, Ha...

Rye by Level 7
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