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AX 11000 and 11000 PRO Configuration sharing

Level 8

Back Story- So I initially Purchased a AX-11000 normal edition first and it adequately gave me a great experience indoors. I then had to decide if I wanted to Purchase a Pro model, or go up to 16000. I did some research and there have been several reviews that had lots of issues with the QoS on the 16000.



So other than just saving a config file, I need to swap my main router to my Pro model then use the normal model as a Mesh device. But I've got like 100 port forwarding rules and firewall rules set up. Does anyone know if there's a smart way to copy those over? Like in an ideal world when I set the pro to my main device the ai should just copy my config over seamlessly. Or is exporting the config file and uploading it still the way?


Level 9

A bit side from your problem, but can you please shoot 10sec video of the router illuminating rainbow effect ? Thank you in advance.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Leroy_D ,

based on your question, you can save the settings on your ASUS router as a setting file, and then use the upload function to reload the setting file if needed.

Kindly refer to the following link.

[Wireless Router] How to upload the configuration files of ASUS wireless router? | Official Support ...

Thank you.