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AIMesh - scheduling WiFi and reboot + accessing settings of AiMesh node

Level 7


As stated in subject  - can I do that and if so - how ?

I'm currently testing capabilities of GT-BE98 and AXE16000. I've set them into mesh where GT-BE98 is a main router and AXE16000 is a node.

As in regular setup, I can freely set schedules on different radios and time/day when BE98 is being rebooted. Of course the same is true for AXE16000 but only untill it's also in AP/router mode. Once i've turned AXE16000 into mesh node, it seems like i've lost ability to set schedules and affect any other configuration. It seems i can change just selected few settings via BE98's General -> AiMesh -> AXE16000 Management.

Are settings replicated from main router to nodes ? If so - which settings exactly ? Can i somehow see and adjust configuration on specific node or is it a complete black box ?