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USB AC54 wifi adapter: changing channels?

Level 7

I am in Europe, I bought a Samsung S9+ phone, and when I am using it as a hotspot at 5GHz, my Asus AC54 USB dongle does not see it. It used to work fine at 5 GHz with the Xiaomi Mi Mix I had until a couple of weeks ago.

Another wifi adapter that I have, a no-name 10€ chinese one from Amazon does see the network, but is too unstable to be of any use other than a wifi detector. But it showed me that the S9+ was emitting on channels 149+153, which are US/China channels, the EU ones being 36-144 for 5 GHz. Why it is doing that is another issue, I am trying to figure this out with Samsung support. But I would like to figure out why the Asus AC54 adapter does not see the channels.

In Device Manager the "Country Region (5GHz)" parameter was set by default at "#0 (36-64, 149-165)", which does use the 149+153 channels that the S9+ is broadcasting at. Yet the adapter does not see the network. There are 10 other "Country/Region" values in the dropdown that use the the channels the S9+ is broadcasting at, but none of them work either.

What can I do with the adapter so it sees the channels it is supposed to?