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PCE-AC68 driver is defective.

Level 7
This device has had on and office issues since Windows 10 launched, but the current driver published by Asus has a flaw in it which triggers on continuous sessions.

A system with it installed left to run for a week or more will eventually find that the device eventually stops responding. This can also result in BSODS, but usually the NetworkUXBroker crashes leading to system freezes on Wi-Fi channel changes, disconnects, 'WLAN Extensibility has stopped' flooding the event log etc.

A side effect of this event is that Task manager details view stops functioning, the device cannot be disabled in device manager (it hangs trying to). And often logging in to a second user account will be extremely delayed, if not never work.

as the user in this reddit post found

the driver works without these issues, but is not intended for windows 10 / not fully capable with NDIS 6.8

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Community Admin
To be sure, can you tell us which driver you are using? Installed utility
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currently using from without troubles,

Any driver using the version scheme, whether its from the official asus package or the windows driver catalog will eventually lock up the device with sufficient up time.

7.35.351.0 (
7.35.315.0 (