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Asus XG-C100C V2 Dropouts - 10G NIC

Level 7


A few months ago I purchased the XG-C100C V2 from my local computer store.

I had read a number of posts about it dropping out, and drivers etc, but I thought I was prepared and did the countermeasures immediately and had success.

I am running driver on Windows 11, and have disabled the 'Energy Efficient Ethernet' from Device Manager, and also set the 'Speed & Duplex' to 10Gbps Full Duplex. It has been running for a few months without issue, but today the ethernet just drops out, and nothing so far is bringing it back immediatly. I changed back to my Motherboard Ethernet, which is 2.5G, and all is fine. Changed back to the Asus 10G about 10 mins later, and so far its working again - but its just weird how it dies out of the blue like that.

The NIC is in my desktop case right above the fan that blows from my lower radiator (which is a space away from the underside of my Graphics card which is also water cooled), so its getting constant airflow. My water loop runs about 33C so the air coming out of the rad is not very warm at all, still plenty of headroom for cooling this NIC if its getting warm. Its not hot to the touch, so overheating does not seem to be the issue.

Has there been any advancements as to what causes these issues?

I am using CAT6A Ethernet cables, to a 10G port in my Fibre modem, to maximise the speed. I have a 2000/2000 Fibre connection.