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Areion 10gbit problems

Level 7
Hello everyone,

First time posting here. I had purchased a very nice ROG Zenith Extreme to work with my 1950X. Everything works great, except the 10gbit NIC.

I have the NIC connected via a cat6 cable to an Asus 10gbit switch. The autodetect speed is 10gbit.

The problem I am having is difficult to determine exactly as it is inconsistent. It makes it very difficult to fault test the NIC. A list of problems is perhaps easiest:

1. Jumbo packets result is SUPER slow data transfers. 5KB/sec or less (link speed is 10gbit).
2. Network shares don't work, sometimes, path not found errors.
3. Playing any media file from a network share plays as though the data rate is 5KB/sec (see 1. above). The video will play, but at 1 frame a minute.
4. Sometimes copying a file via the NIC works at full speed. Other times it is super slow.
5. If I set the link speed to 1gbit the above problems mostly go away. But not always.
6. Team speak software does not work with this NIC. For some reason TS can't find any server.

I have been unable to test with repeatable results except for 10gbit speeds. I've tried everything I can think of and when the link speed is set to 10gbit things don't work.

If I enable the build in Intel NIC ALL of these problems disappear.

A few disclaimers here.
I have 25+ years of working in the IT industry experience. I have tried everything I can think of.
Yes I do want to be able to use 10gbit speeds.
The NIC has a fan next to it, but not directly on it. I doubt it is overheating, but I can look into that.
These problems existed with Windows firewall OFF and before I installed any antivirus software.
I am using Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
I have tried different cables.
Latest drivers are installed as far as I can tell.

It has been about 4 months and I am no closer to figuring this out. If I send this off for an RMA it will probably be returned to me as testing for the above problems will be difficult.

Thus I was hoping people might have some experience with this hardware and have some suggestions that I may try. Any help would be appreciated!

I forgot to add that these problems present from various other PCs. A laptop connected via cable OR wifi and the other workstation with a different brand 10gbit NIC (which works perfectly).

Level 7
Hello Austerror

I am also an IT tech so nice to meet you. I know you said you tried different cables but i am curious if you are also using cat 6 and if so what types? Do you have access to a cat 7 cable possible?

I know cat 6 should work as well but maybe trying a cat 7 would help

I also suspect the issue may lie with the switch or the other device. What device are you working with on the other side again? I know you have a computer and a switch but what are you transferring to and vice versa. Also mind giving me details on your complete setup between switch to machine etc? For example do you have vlans on your switch, is there any fiber connections going on with the switch on an sfp port etc? if my questions are confusing too sorry i am trying to ask quick questions late at night lol. Just need a better example scenario form you about devices between your switches etc

Also have you adjusted some settings on your switch like lag (link aggregation) etc

So I fixed the problem by replacing the NIC.

After spending 100s of hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong the new 10GB NIC has been flawless. Different brand and chipset.

I got my Areion with my mainboard and CPU. So I won't be returning the broken NIC as I want to keep the rest of my PC as it works nicely now.

Level 7
Try the properties of this network card (Device Manager) in the advanced tab set the Jumbo Packet parameter, eg for 9014 Bytes and disable the Flow Control parameter.

Level 7
My issue kinda similar but my card freezes my entire pc when speeds go above like 400mb/s