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Z790E Wifi external 10G NIC disconnects ethernet after cold start or voip meeting

Level 7
Hey there,
I have a QLogic BCM57810 10 Gig Nic build into the 3rd PCI Slot of the Motherboard. Cables & Connections are SFP+ with fiber optics connected to a 10G switch.
After every Cold-Startup of the PC the ethernet symbol disconnects for about 1min after that the connection is stable UNTIL connecting to a random online meeting like discord, teams or google meet. Then the same thing happens again and after one minute of lost ethernet connection everything is just fine again. From now on everything works until i restart my computer again.
I already switched the 10G NIC Card with another one > Same Problem. It hast something to do with the combination of a 10G external NIC and the Z790e Wifi Moterhboard.
Can somebody help? 🙂

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @eLem3ntx 

As the motherboard model 147 already comes with onboard Wi-Fi, may I ask why you need to install an additional network card?
Having multiple network cards simultaneously might lead to compatibility issues.
Have you tried removing the Intel WiFi driver?
Also, if you haven't already, please consider updating the BIOS to the latest version, 2202, released on February 23, 2024, and clear CMOS after the update and check again.

Thank you.