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Z790 hero and Hyper M.2 Card strangeness (different from z690 strangeness)

Level 9

With Hyper M.2 Card in bottom slot and with bios set for "dual M.2 ssd"  card doesn't work, but video card in first slot drops to x8 from x16. 

Same thing occurs when installed in the PCIE5-2 slot.

System: ROG Maximus z790 Hero, I9-13900K, 64 Gig Ram (4x16) running at 5600, not stable at rated 6000. Nvidia RTX 4090. Samsung 2TB 980 Pros in NVME slot 1 and 2. Intel 670p 2TB NVME in 3rd NVME slot and both Hyper M.2 card slots. Clock and GPU running stock, with advanced CPU settings off to maintain factory CPU requirements.

When using a riser cable for the Hyper M.2 card from bottom PCIE slot, Card drives recognized in Windows, and GPU stays at x16. GPU X8 and x16 verified in Nvidia System Info, HWmonitor and HWinfo. Hyper Card not recognized by BIOS Intel Rapid Share regardless of any of the above.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Roland2 .

May I ask if you have enabled the PCIEX16 (G4) to support the x4/x4 mode for 2 SSDs under BIOS settings after installing Hyper M.2 in the PCIEX16 (G4) slot?
Could you please refer to the user manual as shown in the image below to verify if the installation and settings have been aligned with the recommended slots and configurations?


May I know the current version of your BIOS, and have you updated the Intel ME to the corresponding version in the BIOS?
For example, the latest BIOS version 0904 requires Intel ME to be updated to

Thank you.

Thanks for replying. 

Yes, I have set Bios Bifurcation for the G4 slot correctly dual m.2 card if I remember correctly.

I am on the latest bios and intel ME. First thing I did when I noticed this issue and some USB weirdness.


I got an email asking "Did it solve your problem?", though I don't see it here.

To answer the question, no it did not. Updating to the latest bios and ME was the first step. I wouldn't have posted this thread if it had worked.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Roland2 .

After completing the BIOS update, performing a clear CMOS, and rebooting the system, we need to verify if the Hyper M.2 card is functioning correctly and if the GPU is running at x16.
Please provide the results of the Nvidia System Info, HWmonitor, and HWinfo and specify the corresponding slots where the Hyper M.2 card and GPU are installed on the motherboard.

Thank you.