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z790 Extreme with ddr5 8000mhz G-skill 48gb

Level 7

Hey people! 

Hope someone can help. 
I think this is a bios issie as i know i have an amazing memory controller on my 13900KS 

My SP is 116 (124 p-cores & 102 e-cores bearing in mind.   now i used to run the 32gb version 1.45v kit. 

This 48gb kit is rated for 1.35v by G-skill.   i get game crashes and random blue screens with 1.35v. 

change it to 1.45v and boom she works perfect. 

Will ASUS address this do you think? PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS ASUS 🙂 



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Batesy20 

May I ask if you have updated the Intel ME to the corresponding version in the BIOS? 
For example, the latest BIOS version of the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 EXTREME is 1202, which requires updating the Intel ME to
Meanwhile, I am a bit unsure about the specifications of the memory you are currently using.
Could you please provide the current BIOS version and detailed part number or check if your memory model is listed in the Z790 EXTREME's QVL?
Please clear CMOS and refer to the related FAQs below if needed.
[Motherboard] How to query (CPU/memory) QVL List? 
How to clear CMOS?

Thank you.