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Z790-E Motherboard does not read CPU temperature in bios but other software (HWINFO etc) will in win

Level 7

This is pretty straightforward as I stated. I installed this Z-790 new. The MB boots and seems to run fine but it will not read CPU temperature in Bios or through AC. It sticks at 11C, the minimum in bios settings.

HWinfo and other programs like XTU read the temps fine.

Things I have tried:
- Updated Bios to the latest version
- Cleared CMOS
- Updated all drivers (including chipset)
- Did a partial Windows reinstall but kept programs and files.

I'm not sure through what mechanism bios uses to communicate with the sensors. However, that is done it seems to not be working for the CPU temps. Since other software sees those sensors. Oddly I can see other temps like board temp.

I know I can do a full reinstall of Windows and I'll try it but I want to see if I can understand by which mechanism the board reads the temps in bios first. Not sure how that would fix this issue.

So, I'm open to suggestions overall.

Thanks in advanced, friends!


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Zerosyztem 

May I inquire about whether you are currently using the ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI or the ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI II?
Based on your description, it seems that both in the BIOS and the Armoury Crate, the CPU temperature remains at 11 degrees without any changes.
However, others, like HWinfo and XTU, correctly capture CPU temperature and its variations.
Could you please provide the following information to help us better understand your situation?
- an image of the CPU temperature under BIOS
- a video segment displaying CPU temperature and variations simultaneously in Armoury Crate, HWinfo, and XTU, among other programs
- the current BIOS version
- the images of BIOS main page and all the manually adjuesting items in BIOS, or whether it is the default
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, RAM (part number as well), SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build
- Armoury Crate version and a screen shot of the Armoury Crate Update Center

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂