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Z790 Dark Hero, 1102 BIOS, Latest Realtek Driver 6.3..9600.2368, optical S/PDIF output not working

Level 8

Can't get audio from the optical output from my newly built system. Fresh install of Windows 11 64-bit. Tried updating all drivers, disabling and reenabling in both WIndows and the BIOS. Deleted and re-added the device. Tried two cables and two different speaker systems. Light is showing through the cable but no audio is being sent. All the analog outputs work, front and back panel. The video card audio works. Just can't get any audio through the optical port. Any ideas are welcome. 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Iarann 

Please check the video audio source format, adjust the S/PDIF output device to the optical channel, and ensure that the speakers are set to support or switch to the optical mode.
Also, please refer to the steps outlined in the "[Windows 11/10] Troubleshooting - Sound (Speakers/Microphones) problems" guide, including clearing CMOS.
Meanwhile, could you confirm if the issue persists if you install the previous version of BIOS 1102?

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 8

Multiple audio sources, S/PDIF output device is set to "Realtek Digital Output", speakers (both sets I tried) are optical only. Followed the steps in the guide with no difference. Where would i get the previous version of  BIOS 1102? I upgraded to the current one as part of the troubleshooting so the problem did exist on a previous BIOS, I just don't remember the version.

Level 8

Okay, we can close this out. No idea what happened but it's working now.