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Z690 - new BIOS 3603... Anybody have any problems with it?

Level 11

I noticed ASUS published a new BIOS - 3603 for the Strix Z690 series, and I was wondering if anybody has had any problems with all the Intel defaults it provides.  

My rig has been rock solid with all of the BIOS(s) up to and including BIOS 3501.  I'd hate to find out the hard way any glitches with 3603.

Have a Good One! 😎

Super Moderator

Hi @Rooke 

No real need to upgrade if not experiencing any instability, the profiles simply allow you to quickly switch between Intel power profiles and ASUS OC.

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Thanks for that info.   I like to stay current on all the upgrades, but I'll keep an eye out for any problems with it on the forums for the next couple of weeks.  If nothing serious shows up, I'll do the upgrade and post my findings.

Have a Good One! 😎

Level 11

I just upgraded to 3603,  and so far haven't had any problems with it.  😊

I'll keep an eye on it, and if any problems show up, I'll post them here. 

Have a Good One! 😎

Level 7

My system has become very unstable after updating to 3603. I have a 12th gen i9 so I guess it doesn't matter if I update but I cannot use XMP after updating to this version.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Wondersquid 

If rolling back to the previous version, does the overclocking instability still persist? 

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 7

Having crashing issues with 3603. Had to go back to 3501. Working fine now.

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