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Z690 maximus hero cant boot

Level 7

Hi guys. I really need help from our big community. Today i turn on my pc like normally. And then i got some issue with software update( razer ) it said it need to restart and i press yes. After that so my computer is dead. All the fan and led still on, but screen is off. Im waiting around 15m and it still like that. Then i check the code on mainboard and i got 28. So now what ever i do with my computer, it still have code 28. And the problem is i cant go inside bios. Do u guys maybe have a same problem with me? Let me know that will help me alot. Thanks 😊 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Peaceeeeeee  and thank you for reaching out.

May I ask whether you are able to power on and access the OS but are unable to access the BIOS?
Could you please consider following the steps outlined in "How to clear CMOS?" and, after clearing CMOS, attempting to boot up with the default BIOS settings, then pressing [Delete] or [F2] during the POST?

Thank you.